Future Built Environments

“Research in the School of Building Construction aids the AEC industry by providing technology, tools, processes, and enhances the efficiency of capital project delivery by developing new technology. By nature, this is a multidisciplinary field and we can learn from other areas—architecture, civil engineering, computing, public policy: We use this expertise to solve problems in the built environment” -- Baabak Ashuri, Director of Economics of the Sustainable Built Environment Lab

The School of Building Construction has the vision to be a global leader in research in the development, construction, and management of the built environment.  Faculty and their students are researching energy, technology, building performance, BIM, forecasting, risk management, and many other areas that will improve the performances and processes of the built environment.

Laboratories and Centers

The School of Building Construction is home to two labs: CONECTech Lab and ESBE-Economics of the Sustainable Built Environment as well as the CRC-Construction Research Center. 


CONECTech Lab’s mission is to establish the framework for developing next generation technology enhanced solutions to construction environment problems by incorporating the cognitive processes of the human component of construction operations.


Baabak Ashuri’s ESBE lab uses information and data to “help predict production rates and enhance productivity as well as forecasting for time, cost, trends, and risks”