From left to right, Arya Desai (MSCE), Jackie Zong (BSCE), Rachel Witherspoon (M.Arch), Charles Morris (BSCSM), Wyatt Williams (MBA/EE), Nader Osman (BSCSM).

Georgia Tech Wins Solar Decathlon Challenge, Builds Sustainability in Atlanta Neighborhood

AI generated sketch of Atlanta skyline

School Establishes New Corporate Partners Program

Building construction faculty sit on an Ibeam in the style of Lunch Atop a Skyscraper.

Georgia Tech Builds Earth-Shifting Change for Construction

We Shape the Future of Construction

We see construction as the integrating discipline that brings together owners, developers, architects, engineers, technology experts, suppliers, facility managers, and occupants for the purpose of co-creating a harmonized and sustainable built environment.

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Industry Relations


Students wearing safety vests and construction helmets on an active construction site.

New Year, New Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management

Georgia Tech's School of Building Construction is updating its undergraduate degree name to Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management, reflecting the curriculum's focus toward aligning with the scientific and managerial facets of modern construction education and industry standards.

Graphic that says "Lay the Groundwork for Your Future"

Lay the Groundwork for Your Future

Undergraduate Info Sessions

Discover how our Georgia Tech Building Construction programs are breaking new ground with emerging technologies like robotics, 3D printing, augmented/virtual reality, drones. Our programs provide a dynamic learning environment that bridges the gap between traditional construction and emerging tech, offering our students access to real-life projects and the knowledge to construct better solutions.

Our Programs

Students in vest and hard hat look upward toward a construction build.


B.S. in Construction Science and Management

An image render of a futuristic sustainable building.


Minor in Sustainable Development and Construction

Students in hardhats and safety vest setting up 360 camera at construction site.


M.S. in Building Construction & Facility Management

Group of students and alumni posing for a picture.


Master of Real Estate Development

Construction blueprint spread flat on a table.


Professional Master in Occupational Safety

A professor and Ph.D. student dressed in regalia.


Ph.D. in Building Construction

Building Construction industry leaders posing with Buzz.

Industry Relations

The School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech is connected to the national and international community of General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Program Managers, Facility Managers, Real Estate Developers, and others.

With guidance from an actively engaged Advisory Board and new traditions to celebrate, our students reap the benefits of alumni mentors, networking at our career fair, and a generous fellowship.

Students Discuss Their First Year of BSCSM*

Our Undergraduate student ambassadors tell us what they thought about their first year as Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management majors. The degree was reactivated in 2020.

*The Bachelor of Science in Building Construction (BSBC) at Georgia Tech is advancing to become the Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management (BSCSM).
This change reflects our dedication to staying in step with the construction industry and maintaining the rigorous academic standards of our Building Construction studies.

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