Building construction students hold a gold hard hat in front of the Caddell Building.

We Shape the Future of Construction

We Shape the Future of Construction

We see construction as the integrating discipline that brings together owners, developers, architects, engineers, technology experts, suppliers, facility managers, and occupants for the purpose of co-creating a harmonized and sustainable built environment.

Our Degrees

A student on a construction site learns from a foreman.

Bachelor of Science in Building Construction

A crane in the Atlanta skyline.

Master of Real Estate Development

Doctoral graduates wave for the camera.

Ph.D. in Building Construction

The team members of Burdell Construction pose with an oversized check.

Building Construction Students Fall Forward, Win Big

Last year, Georgia Tech came in last place at the Regional ASC student competition. Last week, their team (aptly named, “Burdell Construction”) won first place in the design-build division of the ASC Southeast Region Student Competition. Find out how their team coach and a revitalized Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Program helped them win.

Industry Relations

The School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech is exceptionally fortunate to be connected to the national and international community of General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Program Managers, Facility Managers, Real Estate Developers, and others.

With guidance from an actively engaged Advisory Board and new traditions to celebrate, our students reap the benefits of alumni mentors, networking at our career fair, and a generous fellowship. Learn more through the links below!

Students Discuss Their First Year of BSBC

Our Undergraduate student ambassadors tell us what they thought about their first year as Bachelor of Science in Building Construction majors. The degree was reactivated in 2020 and classes began in 2021. 

Latest News

Medi Nourbakhsh

Mehdi Nourbakhsh in 40 Under 40

Javier Irizarry and Pardis Pishdad pose in the Caddell Building.

Georgia Tech Hosts ASC

Pardis Pishdad

Supply Chain Disruptions in Building/Construction Industry

Jacqueline Schneider

BSBC Alumna Named Outstanding Young Alumni

Students pose with a Spot robot.

BC Undergraduates Bring Robot to Wreck Parade

A flag on the Ramblin Wreck that says "Give 'Em Hell Caddell"

Give 'Em Hell, Caddell


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