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Bachelor of Science in Building Construction

Bachelor of Science in Building Construction

We designed our undergraduate program to give students a complete view of the building life cycle. They learn technology-driven methods of construction management and critical leadership skills. The curriculum shows students how prefabrication, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, drones, and robotics can impact safety, profitability, and sustainability. It's the perfect major for students who prefer the practical and tangible aspects of the built environment.

Technology and Design Make Our Program Unique

Students taking a site tour of the Kendeda Building while under construction.
Photo: School of Building Construction

We re-activated the Bachelor of Science in Building Construction program in 2020. As the construction industry evolved into a diversified and technology-adopting industry, we saw the need for an undergraduate program that captured progressive technology and an integrated approach.

The revised bachelor’s program incorporates perspectives of construction contractors, owners, and facility managers. It gives students a more complete understanding of the built environment’s design and construction challenges. In fact, it prepares students for construction roles that did not exist a decade ago, like virtual design and construction management, or drone-assisted project monitoring.


The Bachelor of Science in Building Construction program is 122 credit hours. It includes 50 credit hours of professional coursework and 24 hours of electives. An entrepreneurial component to the curriculum teaches students business concepts and communication skills, preparing them for business ventures in construction or technologies.

Students are encouraged to pursue a minor or certificate, so their education more closely mirrors the diversity of the construction industry. 

Complement Any Major With Our Certificate

Building construction students wearing hard hats and safety vests look over the roof of a building.
Photo: School of Building Construction

Our undergraduate certificate is the perfect complement to several majors at Georgia Tech, including architecture, systems engineering, business administration, and more. This certificate also allows undergraduates to apply for the Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management degree without a GRE.


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