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Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management

Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management

The School of Building Construction's undergraduate program captures progressive, hands-on technology with an integrated and entrepreneurial approach — aligned with the construction industry which is now diversified and technology-adopting. This STEM-designated program is the perfect major for students who prefer the practical and tangible aspects of the built environment.

Students Discuss Their First Year of BSBC

Our Undergraduate student ambassadors tell us what they thought about their first year as Bachelor of Science in Building Construction majors. The degree was reactivated in 2020 and classes began in 2021. 

Why Get a Degree in Building Construction?

Do you want to have an occupation where you get to visit (and show off) your work every time you drive around a town? Do you want to make a big impact in creating the built environment's future? Would you like to balance working outdoors and in the office? Then a career in construction may be for you!

Construction program graduates are highly sought after in the industry. Several studies have determined a degree in construction to be one of the most lucrative investments. 

During this program, you will learn that a career in the construction industry goes beyond a muddy construction site. Many career paths possible with a degree in building construction.

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Why Get This Degree at Georgia Tech?

We designed our undergraduate program to give students a complete view of the building life cycle. They learn technology-driven methods of construction management and critical leadership skills. The curriculum shows students how prefabrication, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, drones, and robotics can impact safety, profitability, and sustainability.

Our new integrated approach to building construction prepares students more holistically. Rather than focus primarily on construction and the housing sector, students learn from day one a technology-driven approach to design management processes of the building life cycle.

They study how to use point clouds to render quality inspections of structures and make construction safer with fewer errors—for example, using drones to save the lives of roofers. With technology, they also learn how to improve building processes and energy performance, and how to implement cost-efficient building practices.

Students showcase custom built drone.

Collaboration at Georgia Tech Makes Our Program Unique

We have fascinating and smart friends here at Georgia Tech, which provide opportunities for students to collaborate with many other disciplines on campus. Like our incredibly strong ties to the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program - where they think critically about technology and apply new tools to design a better world.

Or our friends in civil engineering – where they create systems, technology, and structures that ready our modern world for a growing and aging population. And our friends in aeronautical engineering – where they develop fundamental disciplines necessary to understand the design and performance of aerospace vehicles.

These are just a few examples of how the School of Building Construction works with others to make the Bachelor's program stand out from other construction degrees.

Graduate-Level Mentorship

The bachelor program also offers students a front-row seat to our signature graduate programs. The second you become an undergraduate student in building construction, you learn about professional leadership roles. These roles consist of construction and facility managers, occupational health and safety managers, and real estate developers.

Our graduate programs merge creative and practical approaches to building projects. We teach students to lead every step of a building's existence: from site selection through architectural design, then from engineering through financing, and from planning sustainable footprints to eventual renovation or demolition. We shape the future of construction.

Complement Any Major With Our Minor

The Minor in Sustainable Development and Construction, a dynamic program designed to equip students with the essential skills required for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry. This minor offers a comprehensive curriculum that delves into the fundamentals of construction management and real estate development, all while emphasizing sustainability throughout every course.


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