P2K Fellowships for MSBCFM Students at Georgia Tech

The P2K Fellowship was created in 2017 by Guiomar Obregon and Carlos Sanchez, founders of Precision 2000 (P2K) to financially support Colombian engineers pursuing a Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management (MSBCFM) degree at Georgia Tech’s School of Building Construction. The fund was further expanded in 2021.

P2K Fellowships will be awarded to graduate students in the School of Building Construction and preference will be given to students who are a citizen or resident of Colombia.

Eligible students interested in applying should complete the following steps:

1) Apply to the MSBCFM program at Georgia Tech by the early deadline: January 15th

2) Early application results should be announced to the applicants by end of February. 

3) Once you receive an acceptance notice, apply for the P2K Fellowship via the link below.

About Guiomar Obregón

Guiomar Obregón

Guiomar Obregón is the CEO and co-founder of Precision 2000 (P2K), a general contractor providing high-quality products and services in civil infrastructure and transportation-related projects, including airports, military bases, roads, pedestrian paths, crossings, intersections and sidewalks. It specializes in concrete paving and concrete repairs, and has become the go-to company for high-strength concrete repairs at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 


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