Student Life

Building community

Welcome to the School of Building Construction. As a graduate BC student you will experience an industry network of encouraging faculty, connected classmates, and industry professionals.

Most of our masters-level courses are taught in the evenings so students can continue working in a full-time position while pursuing their graduate degree. Or, a full-time student may blend an evening and day schedule allowing time for other professional growth.

A friendly and encouraging environment enables students and faculty to get to know each other more personally and you'll find many opportunities at this school to expand your network and knowledge of the construction industry.

Study Abroad

Each week of this intensive, exciting program at Reading University in London, England will have two days of classes, two days of structured site visits in and around London, then an extended, three-day weekend for other travel.

Career Opportunities

Networking is a very important aspect of graduate education in the School of Building Construction. Students are introduced to industry associations, alumni and related professionals, and encouraged to regularly attend networking functions.