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Economics of the Sustainable
Built Environment Lab

Economics of the Sustainable
Built Environment Lab

The Economics of the Sustainable Built Environment (ESBE) Lab is a multidisciplinary research lab established in 2009 at Georgia Tech. It focuses on advancing state of the art Risk-based Economic Decision Analysis.

The ESBE capitalizes on the increasing availability of massive complex data, known as big data, and effectively utilizes this rich source of information to support assessment, forecasting, and decision-making in construction automation and project analytics.

We enhance our understanding of how financial, policy, and economic issues affect investments in resilient, sustainable, and interdependent infrastructure systems.

Profile photo of Professor Baabak Ashuri.

Baabak Ashuri, Ph.D.

Director, ESBE Lab

Professor and Ph.D. Advisor, School of Building Construction
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fellow, Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems (BBISS)

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Current Sustainable Project

Ashuri Selected to Participate in Smart Cities Program

Professor Baabak Ashuri will help lead the City of Valdosta’s smart traffic management system in connecting all 128 city traffic signals. This massive project includes hardware and software system enhancements at signals and in the traffic control operations center and installation of communications responders in particular fire trucks.

Ph.D. candidate and Smart Community Corps member, Heung Jin Oh, will assist Prof. Ashuri in the research.

Construction & Infrastructure Economics

A slide highlighting four research titles starting with Investment Valuation of Sustainable Infrastructure, second is Cost Engineering, third is Infrastructure Governance & Project Delivery, and fourth is Data Analytics for Productivity Analysis
Economics of the Sustainable Built Environment Lab

The ESBE Lab provides expertise in investment valuation and rigorous quantitative methods to address the nation’s rising financial and environmental issues. Such multidisciplinary data is related to buildings and infrastructure systems with essential implications on sustainability and energy. Lab research and scholarly work reside in four spheres.


  • Investment Valuation of Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Cost Engineering
  • Infrastructure Governance & Project Delivery
  • Data Analytics for Productivity Analysis

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