Built Environment (BE) Lab

Built Environment (BE) Lab

Welcome to Building Science and Built Environment (BE)  Lab. We are an interdisciplinary research group dealing with research topics related to use of advanced technologies in STEM education, building design, and historic preservation. To achieve our aims, we take innovative approaches by leveraging the latest technologies, such as Virtual/Augmented Reality, laser scanning, and IoT sensors. Recently, we are engaged in three research projects including a $1.7 Million NSF grant project titled, “Virtual/Augmented Discipline Exploration Rotations (VADERs) for Improved Engineering Student Engagement, Self-Efficacy, Diversity Awareness, and Retention”.

Our Research

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STEM Education Research

building science

Building Science Research

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Building Design Research


Team members' graduation

Our team members, Barbara and Alia, completed their master's degrees (Building Construction and Facility Management) and graduated on December 8th. BE lab thanks Barbara and Aliaa for their hard work and contribution to BE lab during their masters' degree.

Barbara and Aliaa, Congratulations!

Join BE Lab

If you are interested in joining in BE lab, please refer to the graduate admission information through the link below to prepare your application.

In application, indicate your interest in BE lab and your expertise or/and professional experience as a researcher. Your motivation to become a member of our lab is also a valuable resource for us to determine if you are the right person for us.