Pre-College BC

BC Pre-College Program

BC Pre-College Program

The Pre-College Building Construction Summer Camp program consists of two-week in-person workshops hosted by the College of Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This program provides the opportunity to engage with world-class faculty and current students, and give high-school (rising juniors and rising seniors) students meaningful insight into what it is like to study Building Construction at Georgia Tech.

Designed for Insights

This program demonstrates that careers in the construction industry go beyond muddy construction sites. There are many career paths possible with a degree in Construction that leverage emerging technologies, project management skills, and provide employment opportunities beyond the field.

For two action-packed weeks, we offer hands-on building activities, construction site visits (in person and through immersive virtual-reality), meetings with industry leaders, and tons of practice with drones, laser scanners, 3D printing, Augmented/Virtual Reality, and robots! Learn how to use REVIT and other computer software to model a building and take home a 3D print of your own design-build project’s miniature replica as a souvenir.


Summer 2024 Instructor

Jing Wen

Jing Wen is an assistant professor in the School of Building Construction, at Georgia Tech. She received her Ph.D. in M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management, at the University of Florida.

Her research interest focuses on investigating the implications of human-technology interactions within the construction management domain.  Specifically, she is interested in exploring the applications of emerging technologies to promote inclusion and diversity in construction and shape the future of construction education and work.

Summer 2023 BC Summer Camp Tentative Activities

Activity Description Type of Activity
Introduction to Construction Overview of construction and career paths Lecture
Masonry 101 Main terminology about masonry walls Lecture
BIM and Project Delivery Methods Overview of BIM and project delivery methods Lecture
4D BIM on Masonry Wall Creation of High LOD BIM model of a masonry wall followed with scheduling, estimating, and AR QC Lecture and Hands-on
Meet with Professional Masons GC- Subcontractor Coordination Experience- Learn the masonry trade-related subcontractor concerns Hands-on
Masonry Wall Construction Build the masonry wall with professional masons Hands-on
Masonry Wall AR Comparison Construction QC: compare built versus modeled walls Hands-on/XR
InfraRed Scan InfraRed thermographic scan of the built wall Hands-on
Presentation 1 Presentation of the activities and learnings of the week Presentation
Site Visits Visit to two construction sites Hands-on
Virtual Site Visit Visit to another construction site in VR Hands-on/XR
Visit to a GC Office Exposure to the construction industry Visit
Industry Presentations and Mixer Meet members of the construction industry and learn about their career paths Interactive
Introduction to Drones Overview of the use of drones in construction Lecture
Drone Simulator Activity Drone simulator Hands-on/XR
Drones Activity Drone demonstration and fly drones Hands-on
Laser Scanning 101 Laser scanning overview and training Lecture
Laser Scan Activity Use a laser scan to scan Caddell Building Hands-on
Laser Scanning Digital Prototype Digital demonstrator to learn laser scanning Lecture/Hands-on
Introduction to 3D Printing Overview and introduction to 3D printed buildings Lecture
Sketchup Activity Create your 3D printable NASA base on Mars Hands-on
Maker Space Tour Visit to view additive manufacturing/3D printing lab Visit
Masonry Wall Toggle AR Toggle on/off the elements of a cavity wall model using AR Hands-on/XR
Construction Robotics Astro: Construction robot dog demonstration Hands-on
Final Presentations Presentation Topic: My experience at the GT BC Camp Presentation

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