School of Building Construction students pose in their Student Construction Association hard hats.

Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Building Construction typically conjures images of foremen on construction sites, big equipment, and even bigger buildings.

The School of Building Construction offers traditional construction management classes, but we also teach how to run a building once built. Many of our programs are in the evening, which allows working professionals to keep their careers while earning a graduate degree. We also offer the flexibility of full and part-time programs.

Research faculty and industry professionals teach our classes. Naturally, our students get the rigorous, technology-focused education they expect from a top tier research institute like Georgia Tech. We offer students the additional opportunity to tour their professors' active urban construction projects, and the chance to solve real construction problems as they happen in the field.

We’re Part of the College of Design

Night view of the West Architecture building at the College of Design. Students sitting down in cafe chatting.
Photo: School of Building Construction

As part of Georgia Tech, we’re used to considering new technologies and new ways of applying those technologies. As part of the College of Design at Georgia Tech, we also have a deep connection to making places and spaces better for the people who live in them.

Design at Georgia Tech isn’t conventional art and design. Our College blends engineering, technology, and science with design thinking, empathy, and creativity. The School of Building Construction takes great advantage of this unique environment: we focus on interdisciplinary education, advanced technologies, cutting-edge research, and a commitment to sustainability.

In this kind of academic space, it’s not unusual for our signature degree, the Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management, to be a STEM program.

Atlanta is our Classroom

Students helping to install wood beams at Habitat for Humanity project.
Photo: School of Building Construction

Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus is in the center of one of the most dynamic real estate development centers in the country, and as such, offers countless lessons to building construction students.

Almost everything our professors teach is currently happening in the city, sometimes even in view of our School’s building. Since most of our industry instructors are working with a local construction firm, students acquire access to nearby sites and guest lectures from Atlanta’s top construction leaders.

Being situated in such a big city makes our School and our programs genuinely unique. Students can experience all kinds of building specialties, from stadiums to houses to retail environments. Most of our students who get summer internships can find them in Atlanta.

An Investment That Literally Builds Itself

Student makes funny pose and face while during laser scanning class.
Photo: School of Building Construction

We are currently a professional program, meaning we have classes taught by active industry professionals as well as full-time research professors. We teach our courses with the most current technology, and we have a state of the art facility.

Many construction-related graduate programs, even here at Georgia Tech, do not offer the same exposure to on-the-job lessons and networking. 

We're also an evening program, which makes us exclusive in the Southeast. Evening programs cater to the working professional, and the flexibility comes at a premium.

Opening the Door to Career Opportunities

Student standing with two industry reps from Gleeds at Career Fair. All three looking at camera.
Photo: School of Building Construction

There's a long culture of internship and co-op at Georgia Tech. We offer our students their own career fair as well as the business development opportunities at the Institute level. 

We offer the opportunity to get course credit for an internship that can count toward your degree, curriculum practical training, and occupational practical training. With that kind of training on their resumes, our students are in high demand: we have a 94 percent job placement rate after graduation.

Funding Opportunities

Domestic and international students can find national funding opportunities for our Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management since it is a STEM program.

When funding opportunities become available, the academic advisor will email all students with information on how to proceed.

Students can seek scholarship and fellowship information from the Financial Aid Office or the Graduate Studies Office.


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