School of Building Construction students pose in their Student Construction Association hard hats.

Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Building Construction is about more than just building—in the School of Building Construction we strive to make spaces better for the people who live and work in them.

The School of Building Construction offers traditional construction management programs, and actively works to improve the way professionals run buildings once they are built. This combination of tradition and innovation offers students an opportunity to make a unique impact on the construction industry after graduation.

Atlanta is Our Classroom

Students installing wood beams at Habitat for Humanity project.
Photo: School of Building Construction

Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus is in the center of one of the most dynamic real estate development centers in the country, and as such, offers countless lessons to building construction students. 

Classroom topics are readily illustrated in the city, sometimes even in view of our School’s state-of-the-art facility. Students experience various building specialties, from stadiums to houses to retail environments.  

Research faculty and local industry professionals teach our classes, integrating cutting-edge technology from both the lab and leading construction firms. Our students tour their professors' active urban construction projects and solve real building problems as they happen in the field. 

Admissions Information

Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions

International Students

Student standing with two industry reps from Gleeds at Career Fair.

Building Your Future

Our location in Atlanta and strong connection to industry affords students next-level networking opportunities. Our graduate programs take place in the evening, catering to the working professional and positioning our undergraduate students to learn even more from their peers. 

The School of Building Construction hosts an annual career fair exclusively for Building Construction students. Georgia Tech’s Career Center also provides a plethora of opportunities for professional development. 

Financial Aid and Funding Opportunities

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) is dedicated to helping undergraduate and graduate students and families apply for and obtain the financial aid necessary to pursue a Georgia Tech degree. Financial advisors are available to assist you and to help you find the answers to your questions. Please visit the OSFA website for additional information including a full list of scholarships available at Georgia Tech. 

For graduate students, limited Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) and Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) are available in addition to need-based aid through OSFA. GTAs and GRAs engage graduate students in part-time teaching or research duties under faculty direction. Both pay a stipend and waive all but a limited portion of tuition. 

Other areas on campus, including various research centers, hire GRAs and GTAs on a semester basis. It is possible to work as a GRA or GTA without receiving an assistantship with your admissions offer, though it is not a guarantee. 


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