A hive diagram over the Atlanta skyline at night.

Smart Built Environment Eco-System (Smart Bees) Lab

Smart Built Environment Eco-System (Smart Bees) Lab

The Smart Bees Lab at Georgia Tech carries out research at the nexus of the cyber, physical, and behavioral systems to sustainably create and operate a smart built-environment.

About the Lab

In the Smart Bees Lab, we aspire to imagine the future of the smart built environment by leveraging the advanced emerging technology and adopting the “beginner’s mind” approach. We purposefully forget our current constructs and perceptions of the built environment, go deep by seeking to understand the basic human needs for physical health, mental clarity and awareness, emotional well-being, and spiritual connectivity with the natural environment.

Smart Bees explore the applications of emerging cyber-physical technologies to adopt and adapt them for an enhanced trust and collaboration among stakeholders, a better users’ experience, and a more energy-efficient environment. Smart Bees aim to propose innovative and holistic life-cycle solutions that result into the creation and operation of a smart built environment that is user-conscious, integrated, sustainable, and contributes to a more harmonized eco-system.

Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi explaining a BIM model.

Lab Director

Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi, Ph.D.
Director of Smart Bees Lab
Associate Professor, School of Building Construction
Georgia Institute of Technology

Our Research

A virtual skyline against a sky of data.

Digital Twin and IoT Integration

Cyber-Physical Research

A BIM automation model.

Life-cycle BIM Automation & Data Analytics

Cyber-Physical Research

A handshake made of data.

Blockchain-enabled Trust Systems

Cyber-Physical-Behavioral Research

A city skyline superimposed against construction managers against a sky of data.

Trust and Innovative Delivery Systems

Behavioral-Physical Research

Interested in Joining the Smart Bees Lab?

If you are a fan of yellow jackets, consider yourself smart with a solid educational background, creative and dedicated to advancing science and engineering, collaborative by nature, an independent thought leader, and have an interest in the built environment, then the Smart Bees Lab is for you.

On the application, please indicate your specific research interest; why you want to join the Smart Bees Lab; and demonstrate how your educational background and/or professional experience have prepared you to become a successful scholar and researcher. Demonstrated knowledge in the following areas is preferred: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Sensors and Actuators, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Visualization, Automation, Blockchain, Innovative Project Delivery, and Trust.

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