BIM automation models.

Cyber-Physical Research:
Life-cycle BIM Automation & Data Analytics

Cyber-Physical Research:
Life-cycle BIM Automation & Data Analytics

The smart Bees aim to facilitate the life-cycle implementation of BIM by enhancing its interoperability and automation. Their research has primarily focused on BIM-enabled Facilities Management as well as BIM- & IoT-enabled Facilities Life-Cycle Cost analysis and prediction.

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Smart Built Environment Eco-System (Smart Bees) Lab

The Smart Bees Lab at Georgia Tech carries out research at the nexus of the cyber, physical, and behavioral systems to sustainably create and operate a smart built-environment.

A virtual skyline against a sky of data.

Digital Twin and IoT Integration

Cyber-Physical Research

A handshake made from data.

Blockchain-enabled Trust Systems

Cyber-Physical-Behavioral Research

A city skyline superimposed against construction managers against an overlay of data.

Trust and Innovative Delivery Systems

Behavioral-Physical Research

A hive diagram in front of the Atlanta skyline at night.

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