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School of Building Construction Advisory Board

School of Building Construction Advisory Board

The Georgia Tech School of Building Construction (SBC) advisory board (ADBD) is formed of the representatives of the Industry in the Atlanta and South East Regions. The board reflects the unique offering of degrees at the SBC including Construction Management, Program Management, Real Estate Development, Facility Management and specialty consulting firms.

The mission of the SBC Advisory Board is to advise the School in establishing and maintaining the Vision, Goals, and Priorities of the School, and assist the School Chair in achieving these Goals. They are advocates of the School to all external constituents and provide advise and mentorship to the School’s Chair, Faculty, and Students.

ADBD also provides a scholarship for the BSBC students. 

Advisory Board Chairs 2021 - 2024

headshot of Ryan Horne.

Ryan Horne, Co-Chair

Director of Architecture, The Beck Group

Headshot of Scott Jennings

Scott Jennings, Co-Chair

Partner, Moeller Purcell Construction Company

Curriculum and Mentorship Committee

Chad Waters

Regional Preconstruction Director, Brasfield & Gorrie

Francis Hernandez

Design/Build Coordinator, Caddell Construction

Brad Raber

President, DTV Modular Homes

Scott Jennings

COO, Moeller Purcell Construction Company

Robert Hogan

Project Manager, Manhattan Construction

Dave Dixon

Senior Managing Partner, OneStreet Residential

Guiomar Obregon

CEO, Precision 2000

Mike Bartlett

Executive Vice President, JE Dunn

Jonathan Haag

President and CEO, Tungsten Associates

Erik Kandler

Senior Vice President, HITT Contracting

Manish Paryani

President, Paryani Construction

Drew Clayton

Winter Construction

Megan Kocikowski

Vice President, Comprehensive Program Services

Student Impact Committee

Nancy Juneau

CEO, Juneau Construction

Tommy Herrington

Project Executive, Gay Construction Company

Jacquelyn Schneider

Senior Manager, Jabian Consulting

Ana Maria Taroco

Project Executive, Balfour Beatty

Brian Steed

Vice President, Gilbane Building Company

Brendan Barr

OneStreet Residential

Chase Powell

Landmark Properties

Ed Yanacek

Project Executive, Clark Construction

Channing Baker

Director of Operations, FS 360, LLC

Keith Watson

Chairman, Bowen & Watson

Steven Bowden

Preconstruction Manager, McCarthy Building Companies

Rob Williamson

YLH Construction

Alberto Peluzzo

President/COO, MetroPower

Hayes Todd

Senior Project Manager, Holder Construction

Jon Harris

Executive Vice President, New South Construction

Strategic Initiatives Committee

Eddie Stewart

President and CEO, Caddell Construction

Ryan Horne

Principal, Director of Architecture, Beck Architecture

Malory Atkinson

Cofounder, Operating Manager, Shear Structural

Sabrina Bernstein

Project Manager, Turner Construction

Ben Carnazzo

Senior Vice President, Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.

Tara Garland

DaVinci Development

Katie Tinsley

Counsel, East Region, JE Dunn

Chris Soffe

President, CEO, Gleeds America

Kassinda Williams

Project Manager, DPR

Kofi Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Keystone Management, LLC

Mark Woodall

Director, Government Affairs, AGC GA

Eddie Barnett

Principal, NAMC Training Coordinator

Daniel Lemieux

Director and Principal, WJE

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