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Javier Irizarry

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Advisor; Director, CONECTech Lab

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Javier Irizarry is an associate professor in the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech. He is the director of the CONECTech Lab which mission is to establish the framework for developing next-generation technology-enhanced solutions to construction environment problems by incorporating the cognitive processes of the human component of construction operations. For over 10 years, the Lab has established itself as a leader in technology research in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Facilities Management (AEC+FM) domain. Irizarry’s research has been nationally and internationally recognized and include construction safety, HCI issues in mobile applications for AEC+FM information access, Situation Awareness driven information system design, interactive visualization systems for AEC+FM education, role-based decision support systems, and Unmanned Aerial Systems applications in AEC+FM.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile Computing in Construction
  • Human Factors
  • Construction Safety
  • IT Applications in AEC Education
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems in AEC


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