Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi

Assistant Professor, School of Building Construction
(404) 894-7100

Dr. Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi

Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi is an assistant professor in the School of Building Construction, College of Architecture at Georgia Tech.

Her current research centers on innovative integrated Architecture/Engineering/Construction/Facility Management (AECFM) solutions for infrastructure and built environment. She specializes in the evolving project delivery contracting strategies such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, Flash Tracking, and trust-building in construction contracting. Her research interests also include Building Information Modeling and Lean Construction .

Following Harvard Business School model, Pishdad-Bozorgi aspires to adapt case study methodology into the construction management education as it is proven to be effective both in teaching and exploratory qualitative research.

Pishdad-Bozorgi has an interesting multi-disciplinary background in the fields of A/E/C/PM. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering, three Masters Degrees in the fields of Architecture, Project Management & Real Estate, and Civil Engineering, and a Ph.D. degree in the field of Construction Management. Pishdad’s unique and diverse educational background has given her a broad, yet in-depth perspective of the fields of A/E/C/PM and has well positioned her to identify inter-disciplinary gaps and respectively develop innovative and integrated solutions.

Prior to joining the faculty at Georgia Tech, Pishdad-Bozorgi developed and taught several undergraduate and graduate courses such as Facilities Integration, Building Information Modeling, and Computer-based Construction Estimating at Virginia Tech and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Her industry experience includes her employment with Turner Construction Company and Tishman Construction Corporation. Her responsibilities at Turner involved project planning, scheduling, and delay analysis. At Tishman, she was involved in cost estimating and project management activities.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. (Environmental Design and Planning), CAUS, Virginia Tech
  • M.S. (Civil Engineering), COE, Virginia Tech
  • MDesS. (Project Management & Real Estate), GSD, Harvard University
  • MArch (Architecture), COFA, University of Tehran
  • B.S. (Architectural Engineering), COA, I.A. University of Shiraz

Areas of Expertise

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Flash Tracking
  • Alternative Project delivery and contracting strategies (e.g. IPD, DB, PPP, CM, etc.)
  • Trust-building in construction contracting
  • BIM for Facility Management
  • BIM 3D/4D/5D design, life cycle cost analysis, construction planning, project control
  • Lean construction

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2016 Georgia Tech College of Architecture Outstanding Faculty Award
  • 2015 Advance Women of Excellence Faculty Award
  • 2015 iTWO Best Research Partner in America Award
  • 2014 ASC National Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2014 Georgia Tech Face of Inclusive Excellence
  • Featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle, February 2014
  • 2013 Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows
  • 2013 ASC Regional Teaching Excellence Award



My research goal is to develop innovative strategies that would enhance design/engineering/construction/facility operation and management integration and promote sustainable and lean practices.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Sponsored Research Projects

Title: Flash Tracking Accelerated Project Delivery

Role: Co-Principle Investigator

PI: Dr. Jesus de la Garza

Source: Virginia Department of Transportation

Funding: $150,369


Title: Developing a university advanced course on i-TWO technology

Role: Principle Investigator

Source: RIB Company

Funding: $40,000


Title: Transitioning to BIM-Enabled Facility Management

Role: Principle Investigator

Source: Digital Building Lab (DBL)

Funding: $50,000


Title: Developing a Research Agenda for Integrated Design and Construction

Role: Co-PI

Co-PIs: Irizarry, Clarke, de la Garza, Allison, Edwards, Smith

Source: A+CA

Funding: $10,000

Title: Successful Delivery of Fast-track Projects

Role: Principle Investigator

Co-PI: Dr. Jesus de la Garza

Source: Construction Industry Institute (CII)

Funding: $218,000


Title: Contracting for FIM (Facility Information Modeling)

Role: Principle Investigator

Source: Digital Building Lab (DBL)

Funding: $34,000


Title: A Framework of Metric for Assessing the Comparative Effectiveness of IPD versus DB on Value and Waste Realized in Design and Construction Process

Role: Principle Investigator

Source: GTF

Funding: $10,000


Title: Teaching Fellow

Role: Principle Investigator

Source: Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows

Funding: $1,000

Selected Invited Speaches

  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (October 2015). Future of Construction. Frontline Panel.  Association of Equipment Manufacturers. Atlanta. GA
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (10.30.2014). Successful Delivery of Flash Track Projects. 2014 Associated General Contractors (AGC) and Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Faculty Conference for Region 2. Greensboro, NC
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (10.23.2014). Transformational Trends in Construction Industry. AEC Academic-Industry Partnership Symposium. Georgia Institute of Technology. Atlanta, GA
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (07.17.2014). Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Panel Discussion. Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC). Atlanta, GA
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (10.12. 2013). Study and Analysis of the Impacts of BIM and IPD on the Business Health of Architectural Practice. 2013 AIA Georgia Annual Conference. Columbus. GA
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (03.13.2013). IPD Case Studies. AIA meeting in Atlanta          
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (02.14.2013). IPD Model and Trust-building Attributes. Purdue University’s industry advisory
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (04.12. 2012). Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Model. Atlanta Emerging Green Professionals Meeting and ceremony designating the LEED-CI Platinum award. Haworth Project. 
  • Pishdad-Bozorgi, P. (11.24. 2012). IPD model and the roadmap to Building Information Modeling (BIM). Digital Building Lab (DBL) founded and directed by Prof. Chuck Eastman. Georgia Tech

Industry Consulting

  • Cherokee Hospital. (2013). Providing Consulting to the Client on IPD Method of Project Delivery and Contracting. Cherokee. North Carolina


Course Developed and Taught at Georgia Tech

  • Integrated Design, Construction, and Development (BC 4130)
  • Design and Construction Process (BC 6550)
  • Building Information Modeling (BC 6050, BC 4050)
  • Senior Capstone (BC 4630)
  • BIM for Building Construction (BC 8803, BC 4803)
  • Pre-Construction Workshop (BC 4803)
  • Advanced Readings in Building Construction (BC 7200)