Welcome from the Chair

Here in the middle of Georgia Tech’s midtown, Atlanta, campus, our school fosters the diverse and vibrant career opportunities for students you’d expect from a university nicknamed the “North Avenue Trade School.”

Thanks to our engaged alumni and industry networks, our graduate programs distinctively mix experienced industry professionals and accomplished researchers, exposing students to the latest developments in building and facility management fields.

And, like our students, we live and work in a bustling city, so we make sure that our classes complement a full time or part time schedule. After the workday, our students have the opportunity to learn from and network with the leaders of Atlanta’s building construction community.

This combination of experience, innovation, teamwork, leadership and technical skills, caring staff, industry network and career opportunities, is what makes our graduate experience unique.

If you decide on a Georgia Tech Building Construction education, here’s what you’ll get:

A Front Row Seat to the Epicenter of High-tech Construction and Facility Management

  • Atlanta is a city shaped by its rich cultural heritage, vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, unparalleled southern hospitality, delicious cuisine, remarkable architecture, and comfortable weather. It’s also experiencing an unprecedented building boom
  • Numerous job sites, landmark projects under construction, and internship opportunities are within walking distance of our campus
  • Atlanta has the busiest airport in the world, thereby making travel easier and more economical. It’s also a popular convention city; industry experts travel here year ‘round to attend symposiums and conferences.
  • Our location in the College of Design-Allows a multidisciplinary approach as we follow the design through the whole life cycle of the building.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

  • The School of Building Construction’s exclusive career fair showcases more than 40 companies annually; you’ll have access to every one
  • We promote internship opportunities in Atlanta and nationally
  • Professional organization meetings and the school’s Student Construction Association (SCA) provide many networking opportunities
  • Industry professionals provide students with career development in the classroom, with an active advisory board, and mentorship opportunities

Faculty Who Engage With Research and the Community

  • Our research is multidisciplinary and integrated, we design and improve construction processes in the built environment
  • BC faculty conduct sponsored research from prestigious agencies locally and nationally (e.g., National Science Foundation, Construction Industry Institute, Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Department of State, Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation)
  • Research projects have applied and social components, with impact on the technology-enabled management of the built environment lifecycle
  • Faculty and students actively participate in K-12 mentoring

I hope you stop by and visit us. Our mission, in addition to creating new knowledge and preparing well-rounded leaders, is to listen to the industry and to provide opportunities to connect. Please check our events calendar often and make plans to attend a lecture or social event. Remember-

Consider us as your resource for lifelong learning, growing your talent pipeline, expanding your network, and exploring new research frontiers. Your success is our success, and vice versa.


Daniel Castro, Ph.D., PE

Chairperson, School of Building Construction