Undergraduate Certificate

Earn a Certificate in Construction Management

Undergraduates in any Georgia Tech Bachelor's program can complement this interdisciplinary, professional Construction Management certificate.

This Certificate Comes with Lots of Benefits

  • A certificate in Construction Management expands your professional options as you plan to graduate and begin your career.
  • Students in this program are permitted to participate in Building Construction’s annual Career Fair and related career and networking events.
  • The certificate coursework leads to 2nd area of expertise on resume.
  • Potential to intern in Building Construction related positions.
  • Students in this program may apply to the Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management degree in the School of Building Construction without a GRE.


Certificate Sign-up Form

Junior and Senior students from any major at Georgia Tech can participate in the Undergraduate Construction Management Certificate program.

After which, schedule an appointment with academic advisor, Laura.Alger@design.gatech.edu, to plan your certificate curriculum and request course permits.

Certificate Curriculum

  • 4 classes total = 12 credit hours
  • 2 required courses: BC4130 Integrated Design Construction & Development and BC 4140: Construction Management Project
  • 2 elective courses: Speak with your advisor to choose from the following:
    • BC3600 Construction Cost Management /CEE4110 Construction Plans & Estimates
    • BC4050 BIM for Multi-Disciplinary Integration
    • BC4610 Value Engineering & Building Econ
    • BC4700 Construction Management/CEE4100 Construction Engineering & Management
    • BC4710 Green Construction
    • ARCH2211 Construction Tech I
    • CEE4120 Construction Operations
    • CEE4130 Construction Safety & Health
    • ARCH 3231 Environmental Systems I
    • CEE 4150 Construction Management and Megaprojects


Certificate Completion Form

  • Do not fill out this form unless you have completed all of the requirements for the Construction Management certificate. If you are interested in receiving more information about the certificate or Building Construction at Georgia Tech, please contact Laura.Alger@design.gatech.edu.