Program Management

Program Management is the management of a construction project or a series of projects from the development of an idea through pre-design activities, selection of the architect, design, acquisition of construction, management of move-in, and post-construction activities. 

Graduates of this master’s track in Program Management will be exceptionally qualified to manage construction projects from start to finish on behalf of owner organizations (developers, corporations, institutions) either as employees or as consultants functioning as owner’s representatives.

Students will develop a diverse set of skills which will equip them with the expertise to manage a variety of construction projects; courses are designed to develop students’ comprehensive understanding of how to manage the processes required to acquire a building or infrastructure project,  including project finance, programming, the architectural and engineering professions and processes, procurement of design and construction, managing the construction process, contracts, codes, zoning, scheduling, and cost control.

Thousands of people engage in these program management activities worldwide; however, very few graduate programs exist that are aimed at teaching these comprehensive skills.  Georgia Tech’s graduate program aims to train the next generation of program managers who will need advanced training to more efficiently and effectively manage the large-scale, more complicated building projects of the future. 

Potential graduate students will come from varying educational and professional backgrounds, including architecture, engineering, building construction, management, and real estate development. This track is ideal for professionals who wish to progress from an involvement in a single segment, such as design or construction management, to the overall management of the entire building acquisition process.


The master’s track in Program Management requires 36 semester hours and can typically be completed in two years.  This is a non-thesis program.

Graduates will receive a Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management.


Core Courses (18 semester hours)

  • BC 6185 - Introduction to Construction Program Management
  • BC 6285 - Management of Pre-Design Phase
  • BC 6385 - Management of the Design Phase
  • BC 6400 - Facility Planning, Project Management, and Benchmarking
  • BC 6585 - Management of Construction as Owner
  • BC 6685 - Leadership in Design and Construction

Non-Thesis Option:

  • Required Core Courses: (18 semester hours)
  • Approved Professional Electives: (18 Semester Hours)

TOTAL:  36 Semester hours