Louay Ghaziri’s Graduate Student Journey

Louay Ghaziri is earning a Master of Science in Building Construction/Facility Management with a focus in Program Management.

We sat down with Ghaziri, who recently accepted a position with DPR in New Jersey, to discuss the path that led him to the School of Building Construction and the milestones in his graduate journey.

This is Ghaziri’s story, in his own words:

My first degree was completed in Lebanon, in Architecture. I was seeking a way to move to the construction side. While searching for graduate programs, I found this unique program at Georgia Tech, in the School of Building Construction, with a focus on Program Management. I thought this would be a good fit, and would help me get to the Construction and Development side of the industry. I also knew the ranking of Georgia Tech, and that it was a great school.

Several things stood out to me during my graduate study. The academics/courses were the right fit. But what really stood out to me were the other aspects of graduate life at Georgia Tech-the faculty interaction, the life here, and the amount of opportunities. I was able to develop great relationships with the faculty in the School of Building Construction, they were always accessible.

Ghaziri’s Thesis Advisor, and Niles Bolton Professor of the Practice, Ennis Parker, said this about Ghaziri, “Louay Ghaziri is one of those young people who come along rarely and who reinforce your confidence in the future.  His attributes are numerous but it is their combination that is formidable.  One feels certain that Louay, with a little luck, is going to have a major positive influence in this world and we will all be proud to remind folks that he is a Georgia Tech alum. “

Ghaziri Continues: The life here at Tech, it changes the way you build yourself as a person. I was able to grow and develop leadership skills. I was honored to be elected President of the Student Construction Association (SCA), I had the freedom to organize programming and grow my leadership potential.

The amount of opportunities you get here is a real eye opener. I jumped in to everything. My attitude was to try it all and see what happens. I attended everything I could-it was fun. Every student has these opportunities, but you have to ask how much you are willing to take advantage of these unique opportunities. You learn from every situation.

My Study Abroad experience in England also stood out as an interesting student experience. I got a chance to experience yet another culture and get exposed to additional building related technologies.

Through these experiences I was able to network and engage with many potential employers. I had four job offers and accepted the one with DPR that seems the best fit for potential growth and professional culture.

I advise future graduate students to get involved, make use of the resources the School of Building Construction offers. Take advantage of all opportunities offered to students. The graduate program is more than books and classes. I also advise that students invest in themselves, build a profile and make connections. Don’t stress so much about the job search, use your first two semesters to learn and develop, then focus on the career search.

Get to know your professors and the staff. Learn from them.

I’ve never seen a school so involved and engaged with the community. Enjoy the graduate journey and make the most of all opportunities.



https://bc.gatech.edu/   Visit our website for more information on the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech.
You can contact Louay Ghaziri to learn more about his journey:  louay.ghaziri@gmail.com


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