Integrated Project Delivery Systems

Selecting a project delivery system means 'choosing the best way or system to work,' and that is not always an easy or clear decision. The graduate track in Integrated Project Delivery Systems prepares students to become leaders by enabling them to understand, analyze, select, and manage the most appropriate and effective project delivery systems.

The following is a list of project delivery systems explored:

  • Design-build system
  • Construction management/agent method
  • Hybrid bridging and partnering system
  • Negotiated select team method
  • Traditional delivery method

The graduate program also introduces students to the advantages and disadvantages of different project delivery approaches. By understanding each system, graduates can carefully evaluate a project in order to make informed and appropriate decisions, thereby adding value and savings to a project.

As a contractor, real estate developer, facility manager, or another player in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry, it is important to understand how to manage design and construction while meeting an owner's unique project needs. This graduate program educates students to successfully work with individual clients. Graduates explore how to establish a set of goals for a specific project, how to implement a package of services customized to a client's needs utilizing the appropriate project delivery system, and how best to achieve a client's goals.


The curriculum for the Integrated Project Delivery Systems graduate track consists of two options: Thesis Option and Non-Thesis Option. 

Graduates will receive a Masters of Science degree in Building Construction and Facility Management.

Core Courses (18 semester hours)

  • BC 6150 Integrated Project Delivery Systems
  • BC 6250 Value Management for Integrated Facility Design and Construction
  • BC 6350 Design and Construction Law
  • BC 6400 Integrated Facility Planning, Project Management, and Benchmarking
  • BC 6550 Design and Construction Processes
  • BC 6650  Advanced Project Management

Non Thesis Option: 

  • Required Core Courses (18 Semester Hours)
  • Approved Professional Electives (18 Semester Hours)
    • TOTAL: 36 Semester Hours

Thesis Option:

  • Required Core Courses (18 Semester Hours)
  • Master's Thesis (12 Semester Hours)
  • Approved Professional Electives (6 Semester Hours)
    • TOTAL: 36 Semester Hours