Giving Opportunities

You can make a difference by giving back to the School!

As our cities continue to grow the building construction industry becomes more complex and sophisticated with each building project. The Atlanta skyline, previously defined by buildings, is now delineated by a growing number of construction cranes from the new Falcons stadium downtown to the residential boom in Midtown. As the School continues to grow and prepare the future leaders of the construction industry—program, construction and facility managers—it is vital to have substantial resources for recruiting both top-tier students and faculty.

If you would like to provide opportunities for the future generation of leaders in the construction industry here are the School’s priorities and how you can make a difference:

Support the Students

The key to building sustainable and successful cities of the future is our students. Having the available resources to attract and award graduate fellowship to talented and ambitious young people can directly impact their success at Georgia Tech. Competition has never been fiercer and many schools have substantial funding to attract the best and brightest students.

You can make a difference and provide funding for competitive fellowships for students who want to attend Tech. Both individuals and construction industry firms can have impact in the lives of students through merit- or need-based fellowships to provide educational support.

Support the Faculty

Attracting the most outstanding and successful faculty—teacher-scholars and practitioners—is vital for our students and for the School. The faculty is the driving force in the graduate program through their work in the field, the classroom and the building construction industry. Given the extensive collaboration in all building projects, the School realizes the value of partnerships with the construction industry that can create essential links between the profession and the School.

Professors of the Practice are distinguished academic, business or government leaders who bring their rich, extensive expertise to the School. Creating corporate or individual professors of the practice would allow for collaboration with the construction industry for students and for potential opportunities after graduation.

Enrich the Program

It’s really simple, both students and faculty are drawn to programs of extraordinary quality—a cutting edge curriculum, inspiring lecturers, international study, and best professional practices within the School. Students want multiple opportunities in their courses, research opportunities and professional connections.

Sponsored internships or co-ops, lectures, or case studies would have significant impact on enriching the program in building construction. It was a very good program when you were a student and now you can make it even better for the future generation.

Name the School Chair

The quality of an academic program —and ultimately, the quality of the School—depends on the quality of the leadership. Across the nation, competition for exceptional academic leaders is fierce. By naming the School Chair and creating an endowment fund, you can create a lasting legacy that will benefit the leadership and enhance the reputation of the School. In turn, a named school chair will also increase Georgia Tech’s ability to attract and retain generations of prominent teacher-scholar-researchers in this vital position of academic leadership.