Georgia Tech Alumni ‘Pass It On’ to Building Construction



It’s not every day you hear of a father and daughter team in the real estate development business. Nonetheless, Mark Senn and Mary Senn have generously established the first Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) fellowship in the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech.

A little over a year old, the Master of Real Estate Development program is the College of Design’s newest multidisciplinary degree, which began in the 2017 fall semester.

This program offers classes from the Schools of Architecture, Building Construction, and City & Regional Planning, to incorporate the real-world disciplines that produce our built environments.

The Senns philanthropy will offer graduate fellowship to admitted students who do not have the resources for a Georgia Tech education.

Mark Senn, President of Southeastern Development Associates, co-founded the Augusta real estate development and brokerage firm 30 years ago.

He received a master’s degree from the School of City and Regional Planning in 1981 and credited his graduate education at Tech as a very good foundation for his future profession in real estate development.

Mr. Senn worked while attending graduate school and is well aware of the challenges that some students face while working full time in order to afford graduate school.

Mary Senn received her MBA at the Scheller College of Business in 2015 and joined Southeastern Development Associates in 2016.

Ms. Senn is not new to the real estate development business having watched her father successfully manage the family-owned business while she was growing up and attending Georgia Tech.

The father and daughter believe that the multidisciplinary curriculum incorporating building construction, business, city planning, architecture, and civil engineering in the Real Estate Development Program will provide students with an essential foundation for future success in the field.

“It is especially rewarding to have our first fellowship from a family team of real estate developers,” said Rick Porter, Director of the MRED program. “Family has been a primary route to the development profession, and now a family is helping us create a path in post-secondary academia at Georgia Tech.”