BSBC Alumna Jacquelyn Renée Schneider (BC ‘06, MBA ‘18) Named Outstanding Young Alumni Award Honoree

Headshot of Jacquelyn Reneé Schneider

About the Outstanding Young Alumni Award

The Outstanding Young Alumni award is one of four categories honored at the Georgia Institute of Technology Alumni Association’s Gold & White Honors Gala each year.

The awards express the Alumni Association’s appreciation of our outstanding alumni and friends for their service to the Institute, contributions in the community at large and for the inspiration they provide for the alumni leaders of tomorrow.

For the Outstanding Young Alumni award, this honor is given to a Georgia Tech alumnus/alumna who has not reached his/her fortieth birthday by February 4, 2022 and who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to Georgia Tech and the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, the community and his/her profession.

Jacquelyn Renée Schneider Reflects on GT and Giving Back

School of Building Construction: Can you briefly describe your journey to the BSBC major at GT? How has it impacted your career?

Jacquelyn Renée Schneider: "In high school, I loved math and sculpture so pursuing a career in the built environment felt like a natural fit for me. While working at a local café at the time, I learned one of our regular customers was a project manager in construction. She graciously agreed to share some of her career insights with me; later in Spring 2003, I received the acceptance letter to Georgia Tech, I took her advice and enrolled in the Building Construction program the following fall. Since then, my career has shifted to management consulting. Yet, when you learn how to construct buildings, there are a lot of other things you can do, too! Many of the principles I learned then I still get to apply to my consulting engagements today–leading teams; managing quality, time, budget; facilitating cross-functional communication, etc."

The School: What is your favorite memory from undergrad study in the College of Design (formerly College of Architecture)?

Schneider: "During my first seminar in 2003, the Atlanta skyline splayed across the wall in the auditorium. The late Dean Thomas Galloway stood before the class. A slide appeared. In it, all of the buildings constructed and designed by Georgia Tech graduates had been removed from view. A mere handful of structures remained."

"The feeling I experienced in that room never left me. The notion that we make an impact in our city, country and even change the world."

The School: What is your advice to students considering the newly reactivated BSBC major?

Schneider: "I highly recommend talking to current students in the major and alumni from the program. Research companies and talk to people in the field. It is never too early to engage professionals in your field of interest."

The School: You have provided incredible service to your alma mater. What inspires you to give back?

Schneider: "Scholarship was necessary for me to attend college and I greatly benefited from the generosity of others–the Georgia Tech alumni, faculty, staff, and peers. It is vital to continue paying it forward in terms of time, talent, and financial contributions to the Institute. The cycle of giving is what keeps Georgia Tech on the leading edge."

The School: How can young alumni give back besides making a monetary donation?

Schneider: "I find that lending a student some of your time is invaluable, even one call or coffee chat can be incredibly impactful for their development. For additional opportunities specifically with the B.S. Building Construction program, please reach out to Dr. Ece Erdogmus."

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