Career Opportunities

Professional Networking at School

Networking is a very important aspect of graduate education in the School of Building Construction. Students are introduced to industry associations, alumni and related professionals, and encouraged to regularly attend networking functions.

Our students stay connected and engaged with the most current industry issues through:

  • In-class networking, through adjunct professors who are well established leaders in their fields
  • Lecture series featuring visiting scholars and practitioners
  • An active and engaged advisory board
  • Our well-attended career fair
  • Special visits to building sites allow our students to experience the city of Atlanta as a laboratory


Students may gain expertise while earning credit through a professional internship. The School of Building Construction has strong ties to Atlanta’s powerful network of associations and businesses, and classroom learning is complemented by work experience in the industry. We provide opportunities to connect with potential employers at the annual career fair and other on-campus events.

Students can take internships as an elective course or simply for the professional experience. Our students find internships help build the work experience sections of their resumes. Because our classes are held in the evening, our students are afforded the flexibility to augment their coursework with an internship.

Career Fair

The Student Construction Association (SCA) and the School of Building Construction produce an annual Construction Industry Career Fair typically in January. An event attended by Georgia Tech students in building construction, as well as civil engineering, management, and architecture, it is a tremendous resource to grow your company's talent pipeline. These are some of the companies that participate annually in our career fair:

Professional Associations

Our students are encouraged to pursue membership in associations tied to their focus area. Major associations are connected to the School and provide additional networking, scholarships, and professional connectivity for BC students.

We've listed some of the professional organizations that offer student membership discounts but there are many more organizations that are not included in the list below. Find the group or groups that best fits your professional interests and JOIN.