Building Construction Student Wins Graduate Student Senate Election

Election? What election? Raj Sanjaybhai Shah, a student in the Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management program, is one of the official winners of the Graduate Student Senate election. Shah will represent the School of Building Construction in the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA) as a Student Senator.

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) performs the primary responsibility of Graduate Student Government: allocating several million dollars of Student Activity Fee (SAF) money to student organizations across campus. All student organizations are eligible to request SAF allocations through budgets and bills, and GSS and the Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR) hear and vote on these funding requests.

GSS is composed of approximately 50 Senators from all graduate programs of study at Georgia Tech, with the number of Senate seats proportional to the size of the individual program.

Shah, who ran in the student election as a means to represent the School of Building Construction said, "This is my first experience being a part of any student government. The exposure you get when you deal with people with such high responsibilities and knowledge is also something which helps you."

Graduate Senators are to gather and hold forums with their departments once a semester. This allows graduate students the opportunity to voice their concerns, issues, and feedback to their Senator who assists in guiding initiatives, bill voting, and other productive changes with the support of their department.

Sounds a lot like project management, right? Which leads to Shah's decision to study building construction and facility management at Georgia Tech. 

"The thought of being a yellow jacket is enough to choose Georgia Tech School of Building Construction," said Shah.

"Apart from that, the coursework and research opportunities offered at Georgia Tech will help me in my future endeavors. Also, the knowledge you get from faculty with years of research experience and working in the industry creates the perfect mix."

After completing his MSBCFM degree, Shah plans to pursue a Ph.D.

"I would like to go for a Ph.D. in my area of interest, and in between, I would like to get some practical experience to support my knowledge and see if I can execute the things that I learned in the master's program," said Shah. "Practical knowledge would help me understand the real problems and difficulties on site."

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