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We Shape the Future of Construction

We Shape the Future of Construction

We see building construction as so much more than concrete and rebar. Our approach builds new skillsets for technology-filled environments, designs new construction processes, and connects influential stakeholders in real estate development.

The School of Building Construction studies how building projects address the needs of society, the environment, and the economy, and how the built environment shapes those areas in turn. We work across multiple disciplines — architecture, engineering, finance, city planning, and public policy — to meet advancing needs for efficient, sustainable building practices.

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Bachelor of Science in Building Construction

We designed our undergraduate program to give students a complete view of the building life cycle. They learn technology-driven methods of construction management and critical leadership skills. It's the perfect major for students who prefer the practical and tangible aspects of the built environment.

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No GRE Required for MSBCFM & MRED Programs

We have initiated a temporary removal of the GRE requirement for admission to the MSBCFM & MRED programs for Fall 2021.

Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management (MSBCFM)
Master of Real Estate Development (MRED)

Fall 2021 Application Deadlines
International Applicants: March 15, 2021
U.S. Applicants: June 1, 2021

Get Your Master's

Our graduate programs merge creative and practical approaches to building projects. We teach students to lead every step of a building's existence: from site selection through architectural design; then from engineering through financing; and from planning sustainable footprints to eventual renovation or demolition.

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Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management
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Master of Real Estate Development
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PMOSH Online

Professional Master's in Occupational Safety and Health
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Our Ph.D. in Building Construction

The Ph.D. in Building Construction program trains construction field leaders to make substantial contributions in both research and practice. Graduates are at the forefront of critically important areas like sustainability and technology, thanks to an emphasis on original, interdisciplinary scholarship. They fill key problem-solving roles which have the potential to impact not just the industry, but all of society -- from renewable energy to safer workplaces.

Latest News

CONECTech Lab Leads Drone Research

CONECTech Lab receives $603,000 in grants to improve transportation infrastructures.

Alumnus Builds a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Sean Warner chose a major that he thought would help his Georgia grubs business succeed.

Ashuri to Lead Massive Traffic Research Project

Valdosta will upgrade smart traffic management system and connect all 128 traffic signals.

Ph.D. Student is the New Interim Chair at KSU

Irish Horsey, Ph.D. candidate, appointed interim chair at KSU's Department of Construction.

Our Commitment to Building Equity

The School of Building Construction champions diversity and inclusion and embraces it as part of the School culture.

We make intentional decisions that foster recruitment and retention of a diverse academic community. Our community includes undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff of color and other underrepresented groups.


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